ALL-NIGHT TERROR Returns Better Than Ever Via Sinister Grin Press

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Some of you may remember a little project I did with Adam Cesare in 2013 called All-Night Terror. It’s a collection of six stories (three each) and a wraparound bringing them all together. We published it ourselves, and while we were proud of the project, it never really got in front of as many eyes as we wanted. That’s about to change thanks to Sinister Grin Press. Because of them, it’s coming back in a big way.

All-Night Terror returns in this expanded edition that preserves the intent behind our original anthology experiment, but includes an “extra transmissions” section that features four brand new stories (two from Adam and two from myself).

Here’s the official synopsis:

You’re invited to experience ALL NIGHT TERROR. Don’t look for help, your weaker friends will be too scared to attend, but you’re in for the nightmare of your life.

Sit down in front of the TV and prepare for a late-night odyssey of wicked shocks as a horror movie marathon becomes a bloodbath before your very eyes. It starts when a disgruntled cable host seizes control of a television station, determined to give his viewers an evening they won’t soon forget. One where monsters of all shapes and sizes rise up against mankind. One where deranged killers prowl the night for a variety of victims. And one where cinema itself haunts its creators and creations.

Join modern horror stars Adam Cesare (Tribesmen, Zero Lives Remaining) and Matt Serafini (Feral, Island Red) as they bring you ten tales of fear that will have you shivering between the pages.

All NIGHT TERROR—good to the last slash.

What’s most exciting about Sinister Grin’s release is that, for the first time, All-Night Terror will be available in a paperback version! More than a few readers have asked for this, and I’m really happy that Sinister Grin obliged. What’s even cooler is the spiffy new cover they’ve done for this edition. Artist Jim Agpalza cooked up some killer artwork, and the classy wrap design by Scott Carpenter makes this physical copy a thing of beauty.

All-Night Terror debuts on July 15th. Click the image below to be transported over to Amazon where you can already get your pre-order in. The paperbacks will be out around the same time, and I’ll update this story when you can get one.



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