Review UNDER THE BLADE, win a slasher movie on DVD or Blu-ray!

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By now, everybody is probably accustomed to how I handle new releases. I like to do them with a little bit of showmanship and fun. In honor of my latest release, Under the Blade, I’m doing a giveaway where everyone who enters becomes an immediate winner.

You read that right. Enter. Win.

For the next week (until Saturday, July 14), anyone who leaves a verified Amazon review for Under the Blade (good or bad, but it has to be from someone who purchased the new ebook or paperback) will receive a FREE slasher DVD or Blu-ray from my personal collection.

If you follow me on social media or know me personally, you know that my collection is the real deal, meaning you’re not going to get a bunch of budget junk, but real titles that you’d want to own.

A small taste of the slasher madness that sits on my shelves.

Once again, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Buy a copy of Under the Blade (ebooks are just $4, so this is a steal).
  2. Read it.
  3. Leave a VERIFIED Amazon review by Saturday, July 14, 2018.
  4. Tell me that you’ve done it (on Twitter, Instagram, email, or in the comments here).
  5. I’ll put a slasher movie in the mail for you.

That’s. All.

Now head over to Amazon and get going. 

Remember, simply ping me wherever you saw this giveaway to let me know you’ve done it. As long as the review is verified and attached to this new Black T-Shirt Books edition of Under the Blade, I’ll drop something in the mail.

And yes, if you buy the book this week and need a few days beyond the July 14th deadline to get the review posted, shoot me a DM or email and we’ll work something out.

To keep costs in check, this particular giveaway is only open to those in the US.

Happy Reading!

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