Matt Serafini


Devil’s Row (2015)

They came together for a blood hunt.

Sebastian and Timothy are thief-takers driven by the lure of money, while Garrick is a soldier pursuing malevolent forces that shouldn’t exist. All of them are eager to find the rampaging she-wolf, Elisabeth Luna.

Following her across the Holy Roman Empire and beyond, they clash on a mountaintop high above the Moldavian wilderness. Elisabeth is taken by surprise, mortally wounded and left for dead.

Both predator and prey must navigate a war-torn land where the servants of darkness have staked a claim.

For Elisabeth, it’s about taking revenge on those who’ve opposed her.

For the hunters, it’s racing toward a sanctuary that may already be beyond their reach.

Before FERAL consumed an entire town in lycanthropic fury, werewolves stalked DEVIL’S ROW.

DEVIL’S ROW is set 300 years before FERAL. It follows three hunters on their quest to kill the infamous werewolf, Elisabeth Luna. In a lot of ways my first novel was my attempt to do small-town horror: an insidious presence that spreads slowly but consistently until our heroes have no choice but to deal with it.

I like to think of DEVIL’S ROW as a completely different animal (I’m sorry). It’s a vengeance-driven western transported to 18th century Europe, featuring a bloody cocktail of gunfighters, werewolves, and witches. You don’t have to read one to dig the other, but I think they compliment each other rather well.

It’s a world I may return to a few more times before all is said and done.

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