Matt Serafini


Under the Blade (2014)

When she returns, so does the horror…

At seventeen, Melanie Holden was the sole survivor of Cyrus Hoyt’s killing spree at Camp Forest Grove. Now in her forties, she has bottomed out personally and professionally, still haunted by the undying memories of that madman. A publishing deal lures her back to the place where her misfortunes began and trouble starts anew, first with a string of escalating harassments and, soon, much worse.

When Melanie joins forces with Forest Grove’s new police chief, they get more than they bargained for as they discover that Cyrus Hoyt is only just the beginning. That the town’s past is actually much bloodier than they could’ve imagined.

And now that it has Melanie back, it doesn’t want her to leave.

As you may be able to tell by looking at the cover, UNDER THE BLADE was written as something of a love letter to the slasher films that I spent so much of my childhood obsessing over. Having been told, time after time, that literary slashers do not sell well, and that no one wants to publish them, I couldn’t help but write one. And thankfully, Severed Press was willing to roll the dice on a subgenre that, in my estimation, needs a little love.

I happen to think there’s a little more happening in UNDER THE BLADE than a simple slasher story, but those elements are in there for sure.  I’m quite proud of the way this one came out, and I hope you’ll drop me a line to tell me what you thought.

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