The one year anniversary of Mass Effect: Andromeda¬†passed without much fanfare. Unsurprising, given there’s very little to celebrate. Plans for DLC support were axed immediately (and announced to the fanbase a few months after the game’s release), leaving some of the lingering plot threads to be addressed in future novels. In the wake of a disastrous launch, it was announced that Mass Effect was going into indefinite limbo with future installments scrapping Ryder entirely.


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On Testing the Anime Waters…

I’ve never been an anime fan and for many years, it was simply the economics of collecting that kept me at bay. I used to occasionally peruse the anime section of Suncoast when I started buying my favorite films on VHS, and there were plenty of titles that caught my interest. If memory serves, however, those tapes were always priced higher than whatever stuff I was buying, and since I never knew where to begin, I never wound up rolling the dice on anything.

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Clickers Forever: A Tribute To J.F. Gonzalez Cover & Contents

Now here’s something I’m incredibly stoked to be talking about! I read a lot of J.F. Gonzalez in college. His work was among the most formative in the years leading up to the moment where I decided to take a stab at this whole writing thing. For that alone, my inclusion in this upcoming collection will forever be a career highlight.

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Introducing my These Dark Woods newsletter

I’m not a huge fan of talking about myself on social media. Writer friends have advised me to intensify my Facebook hustle, but there’s something so inherently uninteresting about that platform. First, even the most innocuous posts can be boiled down to an agenda (usually “muh brand”) and second, to quote George Costanza, worlds are colliding. All the time colliding.

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New Stuff Soon…ish

One strategy I don’t share in this business is the need to pump out books like clockwork. If you can do it well, then good on you! I both admire and envy you. But I can’t. Sometimes a book just falls out of me, but more often than not it’s a struggle. Books can be like a stubborn child at bedtime: anything but cooperative. And in those instances, it’s real hard to commit to a schedule.

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See You At Scares that Care Weekend 2017 (July 21-23)

It’s that time of the year again! Scares that Care is my favorite convention in the game, and not just because it’s an author-friendly show that books incredible literary talent. Most importantly, it’s well run by people who give a damn and the whole thing supports a great cause, meaning its proceeds help families in need.

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