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Crystal Key is the perfect island getaway… until a frilled shark turns the waters around it into a feeding ground. That’s just the start of the carnage, because whatever has made this docile creature into a bloodthirsty predator is also out to get the island’s residents. An alien parasite that transforms friends and family into mindless, murderous husks. When a hurricane descends, a teenage boy, his estranged father, and a low-level gangster must band together to escape the extraterrestrial onslaught. But how do you flee from a horror that can attack from above and below? Everyone is dying to figure it out.

ISLAND RED — terror to the last gasp.

“As entertaining as it is ridiculous!”
– Fangoria Magazine

“A funhouse of fishy horror. A mix of Corman creature feature, 80s monster mash, and a smattering of Fulci and Mattei.”
– John Sullivan, screenwriter of Security and Project Legion

“This book is a blast!”
– Scream Magazine

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Dimensions 5.25 × .98 × 8 in