Praise for Matt Serafini

“Matt Serafini’s deep knowledge and appreciation of the genre shines in Under the Blade — a novel with echoes of horror’s paperback glory days, but spills new blood with a modern protagonist and style. I loved it!” – Brian Keene

“A great book.” – Shock Waves Podcast on Under the Blade

“Matt Serafini is a literary writer with a heart full of slasher films. His stylish, blood-soaked prose is a treat for all horror fans, intimidating to his cohorts, and a vehicle that brings the glorious violence and tension of 1980s horror screaming into the present.” – Gabino Iglesias, author of
Zero Saints and Coyote Songs

“Serafini is near the very top of his class in his generation of genre writers.” – Bryan Smith, author of The Killing Kind and 68 Kill


Vinegar Syndrome Black Friday Sale Recommendations

Like most people reading this, I equate next week’s Thanksgiving holiday with a gluttonous amount of overeating, heated round-the-table arguments with relatives, and the anticipation of Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday sale. Cumulatively, these things have come to define my Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t have it … Continue readingVinegar Syndrome Black Friday Sale Recommendations

OCEAN GRAVE audiobook available at last

My novel Ocean Grave hits audiobook at last, available wherever audiobooks are sold! This one’s read by Sean Duregger, and he does a terrific job bringing one of my biggest books, in terms of scope and scale, to life.

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