Praise for Matt Serafini

“Matt Serafini is a literary writer with a heart full of slasher films. His stylish, blood-soaked prose is a treat for all horror fans, intimidating to his cohorts, and a vehicle that brings the glorious violence and tension of 1980s horror screaming into the present.” – Gabino Iglesias, author of The Devil Takes You Home and Coyote Songs

“Matt Serafini’s deep knowledge and appreciation of the genre shines in Under the Blade — a novel with echoes of horror’s paperback glory days, but spills new blood with a modern protagonist and style. I loved it!” – Brian Keene

“Serafini is near the very top of his class in his generation of genre writers.” – Bryan Smith, author of The Killing Kind and 68 Kill

“Serafini takes you on one hell of a ride!” – Scream Magazine



Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been eager to write a novelization since the start of my career. Thanks to the good people at Encyclopocalypse Publications, I finally got that chance. I’m happy to announce that my latest novel, Scared to Death, is out today!

Vinegar Syndrome Black Friday Sale Recommendations

Like most people reading this, I equate next week’s Thanksgiving holiday with a gluttonous amount of overeating, heated round-the-table arguments with relatives, and the anticipation of Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday sale. Cumulatively, these things have come to define my Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t have it … Continue readingVinegar Syndrome Black Friday Sale Recommendations

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