New Stuff Soon…ish

One strategy I don’t share in this business is the need to pump out books like clockwork. If you can do it well, then good on you! I both admire and envy you. But I can’t. Sometimes a book just falls out of me, but more often than not it’s a struggle. Books can be like a stubborn child at bedtime: anything but cooperative. And in those instances, it’s real hard to commit to a schedule.

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See You At Scares that Care Weekend 2017 (July 21-23)

It’s that time of the year again! Scares that Care is my favorite convention in the game, and not just because it’s an author-friendly show that books incredible literary talent. Most importantly, it’s well run by people who give a damn and the whole thing supports a great cause, meaning its proceeds help families in need.

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You Probably Hate This Movie: GHOSTBUSTERS II

For many years, most of them pre-Internet, I lived inside my own bubble where everybody liked Ghostbusters II. I assume that’s because I grew up in a small-ish town where the majority of my friends were equally large Ghostbusters fans of around the same age. I was too young to be aware of the film’s tepid critical reception, and it wasn’t until I joined Twitter that I learned how divisive it is.

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My ISLAND RED Playlist (Or, No Jimmy Buffet Was Played During The Writing Of This Novel)

Some people say you should believe in signs. That Serendipity is a thing. When I was writing Island Red, my music selections were so eclectic that I thought it might be fun to include a little “this book was written to the sounds of…” section at the back. As I neared the manuscript’s completion, I got my hands on one of Brian Keene’s recent books, The Complex, and saw he had done that very thing. And while I intended to include my own compilation of track lists at the end of Island Red, I never got around to it, which makes it the perfect topic for today’s blog post.

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ALL-NIGHT TERROR Returns Better Than Ever Via Sinister Grin Press

Some of you may remember a little project I did with Adam Cesare in 2013 called All-Night Terror. It’s a collection of six stories (three each) and a wraparound bringing them all together. We published it ourselves, and while we were proud of the project, it never really got in front of as many eyes as we wanted. That’s about to change thanks to Sinister Grin Press. Because of them, it’s coming back in a big way.

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My New Book, ISLAND RED, Gets Blood In The Water

My fourth book, Island Red, is available now, and if you’ve somehow missed my most recent round of aggressive social media marketing, then allow me to tell you about it. It’s a bloody piece of nautical horror crossed with roman noir, and a few other surprises mixed in along the way. It’s my most experimental novel to date in a lot of ways, and I’m glad that it’s finally been released into the wild.

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You Probably Hate This Movie: JAWS 3D

When it comes to the significant 3D horror films of the early 1980s, I enjoy them all, and I defend them in exactly the same way: as 35mm funhouse attractions. That’s definitely true when you catch any of the heavy hitters in their native format: Friday the 13th Part III, Amityville 3D and, of course, Jaws 3D. These movies go to great lengths to leap off the screen and into our laps. The 3D “magic” offered throughout them is like a night at the carnival: giggles and cheap scares that, while crude, remain effective.

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The shark genre doesn’t have a lot of room for innovation (all due respect to my shark novel coming this month). That’s probably been true since Jaws, but it hasn’t stopped filmmakers from putting their own stamp on one of nature’s fiercest predators. I don’t think anyone would ever claim The Shallows breaks new ground–if you’ve seen the trailer, you know exactly what you’re getting into–but that shouldn’t matter. If you’re in the market for a white knuckle thriller that’s gorgeously shot, well acted, and plenty thrilling, look no further because this one checks those boxes with ease.

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Matt Serafini, Devil’s Row review

Great write-up on DEVIL’S ROW from HNR’s Paula Limbaugh. Thanks!

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

I just finished reading Matt Serafini’s Devil’s Row, a historical horror fantasy that really surprised me. Published by Severed Press, it’s a prequel to his book, Feral, which at the time I didn’t know. No matter, the story stood alone as a great escape into another time. Now I must admit, this is a book I probably would not have picked up on my own, but Matt contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading it. I’m glad I said yes!

The story is set in 18th century Europe, where werewolves roam freely. Central to the plot is Elisabeth Luna, a powerful varcolac that has been gravely injured by those who hunt the bane. Barely surviving the assault, she is out for revenge.

Garrick leads the motley band of hunters pursuing Elisabeth. Already having slain Aetius, Elisabeth’s lover, they are hell-bent to…

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