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I’m often asked if I’m ever going to write a proper sequel to Feral. I’m flattered every time the question arises. So while the short answer is yes, I have one completely outlined, it’s just a matter of finding the time to work on it (and that’s a great problem to have in this business). That’s also where today’s post comes in, because I’ve got something to tide you over.

I’ll be revisiting my werewolves in a short story (more like a mini-novella) in the upcoming werewolf anthology Leaders of the Pack. It’s coming in just a few short weeks from editor Graeme Reynolds (author of the High Moor series) and he’s put together a pretty awesome table of contents for readers who love their lycans.

This is a unique collection in that every participating author has penned a werewolf novel, and their contributions here exist inside their respective universes. Best of all? You’ll find some real rock stars here:

Since the dawn of time, across almost every culture, there have been legends of shapeshifters.

Men who turn into beasts and prey upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Of the shapeshifter tales, none invokes as much terror as the legend of the werewolf.

The stories of men who become wolves persisted through the centuries from campfire folk tales to the modern age, where we are still thrilled and horrified by tales of bloodthirsty predators in our midst.

Twelve of the most successful authors of werewolf fiction in the 21st Century have returned to their worlds and characters, to bring you a truly blood-soaked collection of werewolf horror.

  • Jeff Strand: Ivan’s Night Out
  • Ray Garton: Outside of Nowhere
  • David Wellington: Hunters Moon
  • Jonathan Janz: The Kiss of Divna Antonov
  • Glenn Rolfe: The Dead Brother Situation
  • Graeme Reynolds: Blood Relations
  • Paul Kane: Lifeline
  • Thomas Emson: The Hunt
  • David Watkins: The Original
  • T W Piperbrook: The Great Storm
  • Nick Stead: Bloodlines
  • Matt Serafini: Evernight Circle

My story’s called “Evernight Circle” and it’s about a young couple that relocates halfway across the country for a job opportunity. They’re set up in a gated community where nothing is as it seems.

Illustration for Evernight Circle by Matt SerafiniIt’s set a few years after the Griefsfield Fire and while it’s not exactly a hard and fast follow-up to Feral (I’m saving that for the proper sequel), it does give you a sense of what’s happened in the world since the events of that novel.

Longtime readers (have I been doing this long enough to claim ‘longtime readers’?) will note this is the second of my short stories to have a Feral connection. A no-prize to whoever knows the other (or hell, maybe a free book at a convention if you know).

But maybe the coolest thing about Leaders of the Pack is that each story gets its own wonderful piece of illustrated artwork from artist Michelle Merlini. They’re all pretty gorgeous and I love what Michelle chose to do for mine (pictured).

Leaders of the Pack drops on January 10, 2020 and you can snag yourself a gorgeous hardback or ebook by clicking the button below. I’m grateful to Graeme for asking me to participate in this collection, and I promise you’re going to like it.

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