Have a Very Serafini Christmas (it’s my book buying guide)

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Christmas is coming, so please allow me to prepare this little “buyers guide” for everyone looking to give my books as gifts this joyous holiday season (and let me thank you in advance for doing so). From paperbacks to ebooks, audiobooks and limited edition hardcovers, there’s something in here for everyone!

Let’s start with the new.

Two of my most popular novels, Rites of Extinction and Under the Blade, are finally available as audiobooks. You can get them via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. I’m really excited for you to hear them!

Get Rites of Extinction here: Amazon | Audible | iTunes
Get Under the Blade here: Amazon | Audible | iTunes

Audiobooks get people jazzed these days. People are always asking me about them. For this holiday season, you can also get my werewolf novels Feral and Devil’s Row in audiobook form. I’ve received terrific feedback on these and I’m pleased to hear that readers are happy with them. I am too!

Get Feral here: Amazon | Audible | iTunes
Get Devil’s Row here: Amazon | Audible | iTunes

Two of my books are not, as of yet, available as audiobooks but I’m happy to report that both Island Red and Ocean Grave are coming to the format in 2020. You’ll be able to spend next summer battling parasitic alien sharks in Florida, or hunting for pirate treasure off the coast of Madagascar. I’m telling you now so that you’re prepared to get wet (because they’re aquatic horror books, you pervs) between the ears next year.

What if I want signed copies of your books?

People often contact me through social media or by using the contact tab on my site. If you’d like to buy books directly through me, please feel free to reach out! I don’t always have every one of my books in stock, but right now I do have at least a few copies of everything.

This is obviously a better way to support any author and you get the added benefit of a personalized inscription (just make sure to let me know who to sign to book to).

So don’t hesitate to get in touch if this interests you. We can definitely work something out!

Buying books online

Naturally, you can get my stuff through Amazon. If you’d like to order paperbacks and/or ebooks that way, I am happy to oblige you!

Rites of Extinction
Ocean Grave
Island Red
Devil’s Row
Under the Blade

If you’re a hardcore collector, you can snag one of the few remaining Island Red hardcover editions left in stock at Thunderstorm Books. They did beautiful work on these babies and I’ll be working with them again soon.

No matter your choice, I am humbled and grateful for your patronage and can promise you even more choices next year and beyond.

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