Lucio Fulci literary tribute coming in 2021

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I’m happy to say I’ll be contributing a story in next year’s Beyond the Book of Eibon, a forthcoming literary tribute to the films of Lucio Fulci. You’ll be able to snag the book in February or March next year, but you can back the Kickstarter today and nab yourself some pretty cool swag in the process!

What is Beyond the Book of Eibon? It’s an anthology collection that includes new stories from fifteen authors, each one inspired by the Italian maestro’s work. My story, “The Gift of Fury,” is inspired by one of my favorite Fulci films, Conquest. It concerns the unlikely survival of a barbaric creature who takes his torment on the road to exact revenge… and discovers something unexpected instead.

We’ve also got stylish cover art by one of the best in the business, Trevor Henderson, to give us a little more class along the way. Even if I wasn’t involved, I’d still be incredibly stoked to devour this thing.

The book is edited by Astrid Rose and Perry Ruhland and they’ve been a blast to work with. It’s being released by Death Wound Publishing and if you can’t wait until next year, you can head on over to Kickstarter and back the fully-funded campaign right now! 

Beyond the Book of Eibon contains fifteen original stories from:

  • Adam Cesare (Clown in a Cornfield, Video Night)
  • Gemma Files (Experimental Film, The Hexslinger trilogy)
  • Orrin Grey (Guignol and Other Sardonic Tales, Painted Monsters and Other Strange Beasts)
  • Michael Hoarty (Akashic Imprint OdditiesThe Bodies Bear Traces of Parasitic Infection)
  • H.K. Lovejoy (Funerary artist, The Black in Between)
  • Kai Perrignon (Static Vision, The Melbourne International Film Festival)
  • Jonathan Raab (The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre, Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI: The Official Novelization)
  • Perry Ruhland (The Last Nautilean & Other Seaside Phantasmagoria, Sungazer)
  • Zin E. Rocklyn (Nox Pareidolia, Flowers for the Sea)
  • Astrid Rose (Morbid Tales: An Anthology of Weird Fiction, Bullet Points Monthly)
  • Matt Serafini (Rites of Extinction, Under the Blade)
  • Christopher Slatsky (Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales, The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature)
  • William Tea (Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh, In Stefan’s House: A Weird Fiction Tribute to Stefan Grabiński)
  • Mike Thorn (Darkest Hours, Shelter for the Damned)
  • Mer Whinery (Trade Yer Coffin for a Gun, The Little Dixie Horror Show)

Whether you’re a Fulci fan or just looking to sang a killer collection of genre fiction, you’ll want to make sure Beyond the Book of Eibon makes its way to your bookshelves as it floats in off the sea of darkness early next year.

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