UNDER THE BLADE Is Out, Grinding Axes On Kindles And Bookshelves!

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If you follow me on social media, then there’s a pretty good chance that I’ve annoyed you lately with my barrage of promotional tweets concerning the release of my new novel, UNDER THE BLADE. I apologize for this burst of self-centeredness, but take solace in knowing that I give you people nothing but social gold* the rest of the year.

Seriously, I’m kind of excited that this one has finally been released into the wild.

UNDER THE BLADE is a bit of a departure from my first novel, FERAL. I scaled back the sex and violence (don’t worry, it’s not entirely absent) in favor of creating something a little more plot-heavy and character-driven. Of course, one look at that cover tells you it’s also a throwback to the slasher movie craze of the 1980s, and that’s definitely a big part of the narrative. It’s also the jumping off point for something that I hope readers will find fun and suspenseful.

When she returns, so does the horror… 

At seventeen, Melanie Holden was the sole survivor of Cyrus Hoyt’s killing spree at Camp Forest Grove. Now in her forties, she has bottomed out personally and professionally, still haunted by the undying memories of that madman. A publishing deal lures her back to the place where her misfortunes began and trouble starts anew, first with a string of escalating harassments and, soon, much worse. 

When Melanie joins forces with Forest Grove’s new police chief, they get more than they bargained for as they discover that Cyrus Hoyt is only just the beginning. That the town’s past is actually much bloodier than they could’ve imagined. 

And now that it has Melanie back, it doesn’t want her to leave. 

UNDER THE BLADE comes from Severed Press. They’re always publishing incredible horror content, so if you’re not stalking that label relentlessly by now, you should be.

Furthermore, I knew that the cover had to feature an eye-catching image (something that you would’ve found on video store shelves back in the day). The incomparable Scott Jackson came aboard to help me realize that vision, knocking it out of the park while doing so.

You’re all ready to read it now, right? Good! Snag a copy of UNDER THE BLADE on Amazon right now in paperback or eBook. If you’re a brick and mortar type of guy and would rather walk into a store for a copy (most likely through special order), then you’ll have to wait until late September.

Either way, I hope you’ll pick one up and tell me what you think after reading it.

*Social Media gold, provided you want to hear me talk about HOWLING II and MASS EFFECT. 

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