SHOCKTOBER GIVEAWAY: Review My Books, Enter To Win Mystery Boxes

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One of the hardest things for a writer is getting that all-important exposure. We put in a lot of time in order to bring our books to life, but that’s only part of the struggle. Marketing them is another game, and without a robust budget for online and print spots, it’s an uphill battle without end.

I think I speak for authors the world over when I offer my sincerest thanks for every book you’ve ever purchased from us. In a perfect world, we shouldn’t have to ask you for anything more. You’ve already parted with some of your hard-earned dollars in the name of support, and at a time when there’s so much content across every medium vying for your attention, that’s not something to be taken lightly.

I hate asking for reviews. I doubt any writer likes it. The problem is that they’re important, and so we’ve got to swallow our pride and ask. In the name of self-preservation. It’s no secret that Amazon sells a lot of books, and stocks many, many more. We need every advantage we can to separate ourselves from the competition.

Reviews are one of the best ways to do that. Once a book has received 25 of them, Amazon’s algorithm starts believing your book is worth more salt and begins putting it in front of more eyes (if the urban legend is to be believed). Once you grab 50 of them, the campfire story has your book showing up in front of even more prospective buyers.

Or so I hear.

The big giveaway

I’m asking for this: In exchange for your honest thoughts on my book(s), you’ll win a mystery box containing quality horror movies, books, toys from my own collection, with one grand prize and a runner-up selected to win more.

That’s right, I’m giving away stuff off my own shelves. And I’m not talking about leftover screeners that I’m looking to jettison, or those crummy movies/books I shouldn’t have blind-bought. I’m talking about high quality prizes (movies, books, and maybe even a few figures) that you’ll dig.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I have a pretty large collection of horror stuff. Good stuff too, I promise.

Everyone who enters will win something, although I’ll choose one (1) grand prize winner and one (1) runner-up.

  • Grand prize: Three (3) movies from my collection, plus a few other quality goodies chosen at random (close to a $100 value, although it may exceed it by the time I’m done stuffing this box).
  • Runner-up: One (1) movie from my collection, plus another quality goodie chosen at random (close to a $50 value).
  • Everyone who enters will win something off my shelf.

The contest:

Buy one (or all) of my full-length novels Feral, Under the Blade, and Devil’s Row, in ebook or print.

If you’ve already purchased one (or all), then you’re still eligible to win!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Buy one, or all, of my books.
  1. Read and review them. The reviews do not have to be excessively long. A few sentences explaining why you liked or didn’t like it (negative reviews are valid too, as long as they’re constructive—I love helpful criticism).
  1. Post your review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  1. Send me an email containing proof of purchase (like a picture of my books on your shelves, or a screenshot of them on your device) along with links to your reviews.

That’s it.

Each book is its own entry, and you can get three (3) entries just by picking up all three of them.

And each review is also its own entry, so you can pick up an additional six (6) by reviewing each book at both Amazon and Goodreads.

Bonus: You can pick up two (2) extra entries each by posting your Feral and Under the Blade reviews to Barnes and Noble as well (Devil’s Row is currently exclusive to Amazon).

Each entry will be assigned a number, and I’ll randomly pick from that pool of assigned numbers on Friday, November 20 (I want to give everyone ample time to read the books). I’ll contact you using the email address you used to enter.

All entries should be sent in a single email to matt [at sign] mattserafini dot com and have the subject “Shocktober Giveaway” in the heading. Remember: Include proof of purchase (a picture of the books on your shelf, or on your device), along with links to your reviews.

This contest is open to residents of the United States only, although I’ll gladly host another one soon if I see there’s enough interest elsewhere in the world.

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