Scares That Care 5 (August 3-5) Is Nearly Here!

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Scares that Care charity weekend is almost upon us! It’s one of the things I look forward to the whole year round, as it’s a great opportunity to connect with readers and peers in a friendly and supportive environment. It also doubles as a wonderful mini vacation. The drive down to Williamsburg, Virginia is an absolute killer, sure, but after I’ve had 365 days to anticipate it, I’m always glad for some extended road time with friends I don’t see as often as I’d like.

Whether you’re an author or a fan (or both), it’s a fantastic event. The biggest selling point is that the show is staffed and run by people who are committed to providing the best possible experience for all attendees. I know I’m repeating myself in these Scares blog posts, but I do it because it matters to me. How many shows have you been to where you can’t even tell who’s in charge? Scares is that furthest thing from that, and the end result is a fun, positive vibe that serves as the backbone for the entire weekend.

And it’s truly special: Each year, a group of recipients are selected as the beneficiaries of the show’s net proceeds. It’s a great feeling to know you’re participating in something that benefits a great cause. I’ve gone to every show with the exception of the first, and this feels like a wonderful family gathering now. Don’t worry, it’s also a party! Karaoke, a Saturday night screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (a tradition for me to attend), and of course, the excellent convention programming.

Speaking of that, hey, I’m a guest this year! One of my favorite things is hearing from readers who purchased one (or more) of my books the previous year. There’s an incredible group of guests on the slate this year, so I’d highly recommend the trip if you’re in the area.

I know. There’s a ton of conventions each year. You can spend your entire life hocking your wares all around the country at these things if you really want to. And I’d love to! But I’ve got a family and deadlines, so I have to limit my annual appearances to a small handful. And Scares is the only show that I’d currently move mountains to attend.

As an example, my wife was about three weeks away from giving birth to our daughter when I went to last year’s show. And before I wind up on any “bad dad” blogs, let me assure you I had an emergency travel plan mapped out, complete with a GPS route to the nearest airport. And let me further assure you that she spent the weekend with her sister and friends, so both parties got a much needed reprieve during a potentially stressful time.

There are no such pressures on me this year, so I’m even more excited to go. I’ll also be appearing on a few panels throughout the weekend. Want to go? Check out Scares that Care’s website and start making arrangements. I want to see all of you there.

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