ISLAND RED Limited Hardcover from Thunderstorm Books

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At the time of this writing, just a few copies remain of Thunderstorm Books’ ISLAND RED limited edition hardcover. Just 52 copies in total were made and once these remaining few sell out, there will be no reprints.

Now, this is a tough way to talk about myself. I was raised humble and that’s my default state. Which means it can be difficult when you have to be your own hype machine. But hey, I’ll say this: I have no intention of quitting writing. That means I can promise you these hardcover editions of ISLAND RED are destined to become collector’s items.

I’m going to assume that a lot of folks reading this know all about Thunderstorm Books already, but just in case, here’s a snippet off their website:

Thunderstorm Books was established in 2008 by Paul Goblirsch. Notable authors which have had books published by Thunderstorm include Brian Keene, JF Gonzalez, Wrath James White, Bryan Smith, and Ronald Kelly. Thunderstorm Books specializes in collectible signed limited edition hardcover books. Whether it be the uniquely small black and white beauties of the Elemental chapbooks (which also happen to be available in trade paperback), the limited to preorder-only White Lightnings or the oversized Black Voltage line with breathtaking cover and spine dustjacket artwork, we have something unique and beautiful for small press book collectors.

Whether you’ve purchased previous Thunderstorm releases as a collector of premium hardcover books, or you just really like my stuff, I’d like you to consider adding ISLAND RED to your collection. Below you can see a snap of my contributor copies. They’re stunningly beautiful and, believe me, look even better in person.

So now that you’re all keyed up to get it, head on over to Thunderstorm Books and give it a buy. If this edition happens to be way beyond your price range (and that’s understandable), you can always support the regular Severed Press edition, available in print and ebook. If you’re like me, however, then you’re a collector at heart. Which means you’re always plunking down for the premium edition of such things. And that means you’ll want to take advantage of this glorious Thunderstorm edition while you still can.

It won’t be available for much longer.

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