Devil’s Row

They hunted her to the furthest corner of the world and did everything they could to kill her.

But she survived…

Elisabeth lost everything that night. Everything except her life. A life she’s using to hunt the mercenaries who want her dead. There’s only one problem: the wolf inside her has gone quiet, leaving this she-wolf to rely solely on her wits and killer instinct to survive. Standing in the way of her bloody vengeance is a war-torn 18th century countryside ravaged by a vampiric plague and home to a host of unspeakable horrors stalking the night.

When you fight evil with evil, there can only be one outcome…

A shifter’s lust for revenge puts her on a collision course with a band of witchfinders in this novel from acclaimed author Matt Serafini. Devil’s Row combines occult horror and dark fantasy and places it all in the universe first explored in Feral: A Novel of Werewolf Horror.

“If George R. R. Martin wrote Underworld.” – Somer Canon, author of Killer Chronicles

“Matt weaves a tale through rich, descriptive landscapes, mixing fact with fiction to give us a real sense of the time period. He has given depth to his main characters so we have a better understanding of who they are, and with whom our allegiance lies. With non-stop action and plenty of twists, no one is assured victory.” — Horror Novel Reviews

“A savage and blood-drenched read, which proves both surprising and satisfying.” – Horror After Dark

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