There’s a thin line between animal and man. A line that’s about to be crossed.

Jack and Allen need a break. They’ve decided to spend the summer before their senior year of college out in Western Massachusetts. But their quest for rest and relaxation comes to an end when they arrive in Greifsfield, MA. Their friendship is tested by a mysterious beauty and her razor sharp smile, then broken when they’re caught up in a rash of mysterious disappearances. How will these two friends cope with the truth behind a town that craves raw meat? And how will they survive beneath the glow of the full moon?

Werewolves are real and there’s no such thing as escape. This vacation’s about to get a little hairy. 

The Howling meets 30 Days of Night in this furious, lightning blast of a novel.

“An ambitious, balls-to-the-wall werewolf extravaganza. You can feel the lifetime of passion for horror in every paragraph.” – Horror Drive-In

“A cool new werewolf tale.” – Bloody Disgusting

“Never has a book’s title been more appropriate. Feral is all gnashing teeth and animal stink. It is just what your veterinarian ordered if you caught fleas from the litany of bad, toothless werewolf books on the market.” —Adam Cesare, author of Video Night and The Con Season

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