Rites of Extinction

Some truths will do anything to avoid being found

Rebecca Daniels is a down-and-out private investigator on the hunt for her daughter’s killer. The trail leads to Bright Fork, a sleepy New Hampshire town where Rebecca discovers this is no ordinary manhunt. Her investigation becomes a tangle of brutal killings, secret rituals, and terrifying visions that force Rebecca to question reality. This is more than an opportunity to take revenge on the one who tore her family to pieces. It’s a chance to confront the darkness growing inside of her, the madness that threatens to possess her entirely.

True Detective meets Hereditary in this unsettling occult thriller.

Available in print and ebook from Grindhouse Press.

“Hallucinatory, poetic & visceral at the same time. An impressive feat.” – Bryan Smith, author of The Killing Kind and 68 Kill

“Serafini’s prose has never been surer and as polished as in Rites of Extinction. It’s easily the best thing Matt has published to date, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the best thing he will ever do.” – Mark Sieber, Horror Drive-In

“Takes you by surprise. You don’t read too many novels like this.” – Hunter Shea, author of Creature and The Montauk Monster 

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