Scared to Death


A series of gruesome murders has Los Angeles in a panic. The police believe they’re looking for a psychopath. The press screams that a satanic cult is on the loose. Only two people know the truth. Ted Lonergan, ex-cop-turned-novelist, fears the killer isn’t human. Geneticist Sherry Carpenter suspects her former employer is connected to the carnage. Together they’ll pursue a mysterious being through a city that’s scared to death. But will they be the hunters, or the hunted?

A new novel based on the 1980 horror/sci-fi creature feature directed by William Malone (House on Haunted Hill).

Available in print and ebook from Encyclopocalypse Publications.

Also available in a “vintage style” mass market paperback. 

“As good as novelizations get.” – Austin Shinn, The Omniplex.

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