ALL-NIGHT TERROR Returns Better Than Ever Via Sinister Grin Press

Some of you may remember a little project I did with Adam Cesare in 2013 called All-Night Terror. It’s a collection of six stories (three each) and a wraparound bringing them all together. We published it ourselves, and while we were proud of the project, it never really got in front of as many eyes as we wanted. That’s about to change thanks to Sinister Grin Press. Because of them, it’s coming back in a big way.

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My New Book, ISLAND RED, Gets Blood In The Water

My fourth book, Island Red, is available now, and if you’ve somehow missed my most recent round of aggressive social media marketing, then allow me to tell you about it. It’s a bloody piece of nautical horror crossed with roman noir, and a few other surprises mixed in along the way. It’s my most experimental novel to date in a lot of ways, and I’m glad that it’s finally been released into the wild.

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Hanging At Rock And Shock 2015

I’m incredibly happy to say I’ll be at Rock and Shock next weekend, October 16-18, in Worcester, Massachusetts. If you’re in the area and are looking to get into the Halloween spirit, I hope you’re planning to stop by.

One of the things I love about Rock and Shock is its location. I’ve lived in New England my whole life, and there wasn’t much of a horror market here growing up. Sure, there might’ve been a Boston-based Fangoria Weekend of Horrors or two, but nothing that lingered in the area long enough to become a mainstay.

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DEVIL’S ROW Is In Stores Now

My third novel, DEVIL’S ROW, is available now through Severed Press. As the back jacket blurb says, “Before FERAL consumed an entire town in lycanthropic fury, werewolves stalked DEVIL’S ROW.”

That’s a none-too-subtle way of telling you that, yes, this is a prequel to my earlier werewolf novel. I decided against putting the word ‘feral’ in the title however, because while the story is connected, it’s not essential that you’ve read it.

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UNDER THE BLADE Is Out, Grinding Axes On Kindles And Bookshelves!

If you follow me on social media, then there’s a pretty good chance that I’ve annoyed you lately with my barrage of promotional tweets concerning the release of my new novel, UNDER THE BLADE. I apologize for this burst of self-centeredness, but take solace in knowing that I give you people nothing but social gold* the rest of the year.

Seriously, I’m kind of excited that this one has finally been released into the wild.

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FERAL goes into print!

As you might be aware, my debut novel, FERAL, has been available in e-book form for about a week now. Today, paperback copies are available via Amazon for those of you who still prefer the good, old-fashioned feel of paper in your hands.

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, FERAL will be made available through other booksellers (both in print and digital) by the end of the year, and I’ll be sure to inform everyone of when that happens.

I want to thank everyone who’s already purchased the book. Your support means a lot, and  I really hope you enjoy it.

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